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Hi, Davi:

We also have a circle which is somewhat cross functional (marketing, r&d,sales, production,
distribution) and we are applying Scrum principles with this circle.

We use only one sprint backlog for the entire circle, and all of the stories are user stories or spikes. Sometimes the stories feel a little forced because we put them in user story format. However, I would argue that everything we do has to improve something for the customer and none of the roles should just do something for the sake of its own role.

The Sprint backlog also mixes things that are more "marketing" in nature, or more "distribution", along with things that are "development".

Now, we may be cheating a little or not doing it right . The development itself is actually outsourced to a different circle, a development circle and this circle focuses only in development.
The "development" role in the first circle is a customer of the development circle.

(Disclaimer: We are not a software development company - we have RnD folks, but not software developers , so maybe the challenges are a bit different)

Looking at your question, perhaps you can do something similar, or have a Scrum in Scrum type of arrangement, where you create a "development" sub circle under your business unit circle, so that the development work gets separated out from all the other types of work at the business unit circle.

Then again, if you do use this arrangement, your business unit circle does not need to use scrum. It can use whatever project tracking and prioritization method it likes.

We just chose to implement (or experiment maybe the better word) scrum principles to an entire business unit circle.

Hope this reply is in line with your question.