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The question that jumps out for me is: who is you? You ask if someone knows "how you set priorities". Who is that? What are you trying to do?


Basically, nobody in Holacracy sets priorities for others; except, when useful or necessary, the Lead Link of a Circle. 


If your role is in trouble because of someone else not doing their job, you can

  • ask the Lead Link to set a priority
  • ask the Lead Link to reallocate the role to someone else
  • ask the Lead Link to allocate more resources to the role
  • do the work yourself
  • ...

You seem to be focusing on a person, wanting someone to "set priorities" for them. Is that right? That's not how it works: Holacracy deals only with the work. What do you need?  


Does this help? I am not really clear on what your situation is. It might help if you clarified from what perspective you are asking: are you a fellow circle member? Are you the one responsible for delivering to the client? What are you trying to achieve?