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Hi Lucia --


It's great to hear about your fellowship and that you're helping OSF think along these lines.


I'm also curious to know more about nonprofits in the NYC community who are adopting Holacracy.  I'm hoping that the nonprofit sector can keep up with the private sector in this regard.  Having worked in/with NYC based nonprofits for 8 years, I'm realizing how these "teal" practices are so very necessary to the serious work that needs to be done to make NYC a better place.

I've been making noise about Holacracy in my organization, but since I'm not top-level, I'm not sure how much success it will have.  In the meantime, I'm experimenting in the spaces of influence that I do have, and also within our partnerships and political coalition work.


I'd be very curious to know what you are finding and read your research.  Do keep in touch!