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Originally Posted by Davi Gabriel da Silva:

Hello guys. We have a circle that runs an entire business, including software development, marketing, sales, etc. It is a business unit. We are having trouble in identifying ways to record Projects, since we use Scrum (and a Product/Sprint Backlog for all the work of the development team). 

For example, partners fill different roles, like Feature Developer and Social Media. The work done by the first one is included in the Sprint Backlog (and expressed as an User Story), whereas the second role does not perform development work and its projects can be recorded elsewhere.  My questions:

  1. Is it legal to have two different "work repos", a Sprint Backlog and a projects database? I guess not, because that would reduce clarity about prioritization. If not, do I drop the Sprint Backlog and start recording everything as projects? BTW, should I stop using Scrum? :S
  2. Can I treat my product backlog items (stories, fixes, bugs) as projects? In this case, it seems to make sense to allow the Product Owner to prioritize backlog items, but let the role-filler decide whether he/she will perform Sprint Backlog work or other projects, as soon as he/she respects the backlog prioritization. 

How do you handle this at HolacracyOne?

I don't know if I understand everything but maybe you can try to put your project data in the metrics. Thinks like if you manage to deliver the results of your project at the date you promised a client, something like that. You can simply make a link to your project dashboard. Does this help you?