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Reply to "Global" Policies

By Gerald Mitterer Topic posted 11/07/2015

Hi Gerald,


I'm also interested in this question. Here are some "global" policies from H1's glassfrog:

Policy: Advances for Membership Requirements

Policy: Password Requirements

And others in H1 GCC policies.


The underlying questions for me is about the meaning of Policies.


"You may also define “Policies” for your Domains, which are either grants of authority that allow others to control or cause a material impact within a Domain, or limits on how others may do so when otherwise authorized." -- Constitution 1.4


Do they only regulate access to specific Domains?

Are they also a general dump for any other rule and guideline? Like "Only the designated Advocate for an employee shall have the authority to specify and raise the salary granted to the employee [...]" is an algorithmic way of defining domains. (from Manager Mimicry App)


Can work hours, dress code, language use, behavior inside and outside the company all be regulated with policies or is there a limit?


I have an issue at my company that people's initial idea to solve a tension is to create a new policy even if an Accountability, a Domain, or sometimes even a Project or Action would solve their tension. Maybe Policy is the gravitational pull for all Governance as it is the most flexible Governance tool available to solve tensions.