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One of the Lead Link accountabilities is to establish priorities and Strategies for the Circle. In Holacracy, Strategies are heuristics (think rule of thumb or one good thing even over another good thing) that guide the Circle's Roles in self-identifying priorities on an ongoing basis (2.2.2).


Strategies should align with the Circle's Purpose and Accountabilities (remember that the Lead Link holds the Purpose of the Circle). These Strategies should help guide you as you prioritize your Role's work in the Circle.


The Tension you describe in your post could indicate that the Strategy defined by the Lead Link is not aligned with the Circle's Purpose... OR that your Role is not aligned with the Circle (think about what it would be like to have a Role of Mechanical Engineer in a Sales Circle).


Your Role cannot modify existing Strategy, but I would recommend you share your Tension with the Lead Link and make a pitch for her to revise the Strategy.


I hope this helps.

- Dennis