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Originally Posted by Jeanne:

Hi Lucia,


I am the ED at CompassPoint (www.compasspoint.org); we are in Oakland and we are implementing. So is another Oakland nonprofit called Citizen Engagement Lab.



Dear Jeanne, many thanks for your answer! 


I worked for a human rights NGO based in Brazil for the last 13 years, being the Executive Director from 2011-2015. Currently, I have a fellowship of the Open Society Foundations to research on how "solid" NGOs are adapting to a "liquid" world. Or, in other words, how are NGOs reacting and adapting to the multiplicity and pace of information, the empowerment of the individual and the crisis of the state. More about it can be found at www.liquidworld.info and https://www.opensocietyfoundat...g/people/lucia-nader 


I would love to meet you (and also someone at the citizen engagement lab - do you have suggestion of whom?) to interview you and know more about your experience with Holacracy. Would you be available next week, either Thursday or Friday? Friday anytime before 6pm would be ideal for me, but I am flexible. 


If you prefer to continue by email, my email address is lucia.nader@gmail.com 


Many thanks!