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Originally Posted by Adrienne:

Anchor Circle purpose is like a big-picture guidance type thing. Sort of where the company is going as a whole. 


The circle would be a part of the circle but only be able to be filled by members who are worker-owners. The role that would like to be expanded into a circle is the Development Think Tank. 

The purpose is: Strategies for growth and development. 

Accountabilities: Researching & analyzing scenarios and proposals for company growth and development

Soliciting and integrating input from other circle members. 



The reason they want it to be a circle, is so that when they have meetings, it will be captured in GlassFrog and everyone in the company can see what they're working on. 


Thank you for clarifying those points Adrienne. There appear to be two possible interpretations of the Role "Development Think Tank": 1). Is that it is a Context Link (A Cross Link representing an external special interest group) e.g in H1 the Investor Context Link or the Holacracy Context Link, both these represented groups have an interest in but are not directly part of the company. In which case it would not be possible to expand into a Circle as in a sense they already represent a Circle (Cross-Links and thus context links are essentially special Lead-Links) external of the entire organisation. 2) Is that it is a Defined Role directly related to the company and therefore should essentially not reside in the Anchor Circle but in the General Company Circle (GCC), this would allow it to expand into a Circle (resembling what most would recognize as the Business Development Department of many companies). My intuition tells me that the second is the more accurate in which case you need to transfer the role into the GCC through Governance and then once there go through the appropriate Governance to expand it into a sub-circle (Development Think Tank). Hope this helps.