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We've been iterating on integrating the two for quite some time now. We still haven't landed on the sweat spot but some of the things we've done (besides the obvious install app) is around integrating some of the tactical meeting with the scrum meetings. We've kept governance as a completely separate meeting. Essentially, the daily stand-up is where we triage quick tactical issues/impediments. To keep it short, if there are issues that require more discussion we add them to an agenda and process post stand-up with interested parties using the tactical meeting format.  That addition has improved the effectiveness of stand-ups for the team. Product demos basically acts as project reviews. The goal would be to completely absorb the tactical activities in the Scrum methodology. Our current state is that we still have tactical meetings but the focus is on the larger context that Scrum team sits within in rather than the product of the Scrum team.


Like I said, we're still iterating so if someone has the perfect solution I'd totally be interested.