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Haven't read the entire thread, but to answer your question from our perspective; we use OKRs to define our strategies. The Lead Link does that, for her own circle (not for roles or sub circles), but usually with input from the rest of the circle and of course based on the strategy of the super circle.


For us, OKRs filled the gap we felt that the "lack of targets" that Holacracy has, which I think is a good thing just like the lack of deadlines. Christina Wodtke wrote some great articles about how (not) to do OKRs, but for us the gist of the difference between them and old-school targets is that they are simply something to strive for (like strategy), not something to be judged by. But we prefer them over formatting strategy in proze because it allows us to quantify success and give context to metrics which often change based on the OKRs.