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Hi, George:


I haven't heard or seen a Strategy App.  However, Holacracy One has a Strategy Policy set at the GCC Circle level.


I've cut and pasted the strategy policy below:


Policy: Strategy Meeting Process

Per the Board-specified Constitution amendment, the following "Strategy Meeting" process shall be used by each circle as the only method to define Strategies for that circle, unless both Lead Link and Rep Link agree to add or change a Strategy outside of a Strategy Meeting. This meeting does not count as a Governance Meeting, unless reasonable notice has been given per the Constitution's requirement.

Strategy Meeting Process:

1) Check-in Round 

2) Orientation: Review Purpose, Scope, & Accountabilities of Circle, and any Strategies of Super-Circle

3) Retrospective: 
a) Each participant individually and silently reflects, captures, and posts notes covering: 
i) What was done as a result of the previous Strategy 
ii) Key facts & events for the circle; external changes, opportunities, trends, data, etc. 
b) Participants collectively organize individual notes into related/useful groupings 
c) Facilitator focuses on each grouping one at a time; participants describe/clarify key notes they've added and share reflections; Facilitator captures any tensions that surface on a separate list.

4) Strategy Generation: 
a) Surface ideas: "What might make sense to emphasize operationally to address these Tensions?". Participants capture ideas individually, then post and describe each. 
b) Discuss to converge: "What Strategy should guide our decision making? What should we emphasize?" 
c) Lead Link proposes one or more Strategies; process proposal via IDM

5) Unpack the Strategy: 
a) Each participant reflects upon & captures Projects, Next-Actions, and/or Tensions they will process from each of their Roles to enact the Strategies 
b) Each participant shares what (tensions, actions, projects, etc.) they've captured to process in a round, if anything 
c) A space to is allowed to solicit feedback from others and for others to request further Projects/Next-Actions of their Roles 

6) Closing Round