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"Gross insubordination" makes me think of a person not accepting the orders of their superior, such as in a rigid hierarchy like the military. This frames a set of behaviours inside a way of thinking that is definitely not the kind of hierarchical model Holacracy seeks to embody. What I mean is, the wording around this is not congruent with a Holacracy adoption in my opinion.

Maybe instead of "insubordination" you could use words like "recalcitrant, disrespectful or excessively abrasive behaviour towards colleagues partners and collaborators." That's for the failure to be an adequately evolved human being.

You might also want to add some words around failure to comply with company policies and processes as agreed via the governance process. Although here there may need to be caveats around taking swift individual action where that is deemed necessary and there is not the time to seek approval from the correct role holder(s) or change the governance in time before taking the actions deemed in the benefit of the company. You can probably unpack this a little further too. Anyway, hope this helps.