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Originally Posted by Frederik Fleischmann:

Hi Andrea,


we are working with Holacracy in Switzerland, where lots of languages come together (mostly German, Swiss German, and English but als French and Italian). We are holding meetings in German and English. I am anticipating problems but so far everything went rather smoothly.

Until now we are using glassfrog, the constitution and training cards only in English but I am interested in finding translations. Could you make yours available? That would help us tremendously.



Hi Frederik,

thanks for your feedback,  my translation has been already released to the public, look for a post named "Italian Version Of the Constitution Now Available" in the "resources" area of the forum, you'll find all the coordinates you need to get hold of it.

As far as other versions are concerned I am pretty sure a french and a dutch one also exist (but don't know if and how they have been made public, I'll let other stakeholders comment on that) 


Happy to help, for further information don't esitate to PM me