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Dear Dien,


Here are my reactions when reading your post.


1° When you write "two roles have different opinions on how to solve a shared problem", it sounds to me that there is lack of clarity about the roles involved. My question is "wich role has the authority to solve the problem ?"


If there is a lack of clarity about this point, rise this issue as a tension in a gov meeting and rely on the Holacracy process to clarify your emerging structure.


2) I read that you" can facilitate the discussion", As you're lead link, I'm afraid this could be another cause of confusion wich overlaps in the situation. As you know, Link lead can't be the facilitator in his own circles. Even if it is for "faciliting the discussion", it might be easily interpreted as a LL "old power resurgence" ;-)


3) It seems if there is a discussion, this discussion is the clue about clarity needed in the organisation.