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Originally Posted by Adrienne:

So I showed the info-graphic that Andrea worked on to a couple of co-workers that don't really know the constitution too too well. They found it a little clumsy/confusing. I'm not sure if doing the entire constitution would be do-able because of all the intricacies that it might need. If we found a way to get the ideas clearer, it might work. 


Also, I don't know if you guys have seen this but it is a YouTube that does an overview of the Holacracy book that Brian Robertson just put out. It's very interesting and explains concepts pretty well. 

Hi Adrienne, I can understand their reaction...
The Constitution is very complex and to make it easier to learn-it with a graphical approach is a very hard task, that's why I was aiming at creating a tool that would help me recall the concepts (and that's why I mention the exact titles of the chapters and their exact numbers only once) , I can confirm that if that first slide already looks clumsy the second one (which I am working on now) is even worst as far as clarity is concerned, a good understanding and knowledge of the Constitution is a preprequisite for any of that to be useful. Maybe my 1 article : 1 slide ratio was a bit too much as far as information compression is concerned.

I am wondering if the best approach would instead be the opposite:

- create an infographic that explains Holacracy forgetting about the exact mapping to the Constitution structure, instead each concept could be mapped with a graphical placeholder, when approriate, to the corresponding article that mentions it (duplications allowed: ex: a graphical concept associated with one or more tags that say i.e. [1.2.3][4.5.1][3.4.1] mapping it to the spots in the constitution where that  concept is mentioned or addressed.)


The approach of the video is great, unfortunately it skips on the hardest part of delving into the detailed concepts that must be recalled (at least for my purpose), by staying at a higher, sort of "marketing level"