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Reply to Inside Zappos

By Adrienne Topic posted 09/16/2015

Some passages that caught my eye:


"Holacracy itself is... a hierarchy of work and not people." 


"As a facilitator, I hear a lot of feedback from both sides (regarding employees experience and affinity towards Holacracy) and get to observe an array of scenarios play out... From these observations, I’d say that on a given day, 80% of these issues are people-based, not system-based; that is to say that Holacracy is being blamed in many scenarios where there is a communication/trust/relationship breakdown at fault or someone is misusing the system (whether by intent or not)." 


"In any management system throughout history there have always been people who politick, side-step accountability and bend the rules in their favor. Since this shift, it just seems like this behavior is being forced out of the shadows at a higher rate than before.” 


“...we see Holacracy as a step toward self-organization rather than an end-state.”


“When you’re rooting for something to fail it’s easy to look for fallacies that support your viewpoint while looking at the past through rose-colored glasses. It’s a lot like breaking up with someone. There were probably a ton of rational reasons that the relationship needed to end, but that first time you felt loneliness set in, you romanticized the past and scrambled to convince yourself that it wasn’t that bad. Frankly, I think a lot of us cling to our familiar discomforts rather than embracing the possibility of new ones purely out of a need for certainty.”


"An unspoken tension exists across much of the company around the apparent disconnect between where Zappos has stated we are going (purpose-driven, not profit-driven) and where Amazon firmly stands (profit/growth-driven, not necessarily purpose-driven). This is probably the largest “risk” that I see with a transition such as this."


(author: Matt Dunsmoor)