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Originally Posted by Fajar Firdaus:

Thanks Frederico and Mary for your reply. I will update here once I got a chance in the "office hour".


@Frederico I agree with you that the role should consult with lead link when making some decision regarding to technology to use. So this is what policy is about. I think we are going to officiate it as our circle policy, as currently it's just feels right to do so. 


@Mary, my understanding to technology or architecture for a web service in our site is like paint for a room in a house. So when the room is domain of a role, one of the task is to choose what color to apply there. Do you think I understand it correctly here?


 Ah, as long as that understanding is shared with Lead Link then one pathway may be when requesting you to do something specific within your domain to thank them for their input and that you will consider their point of view but will use your best interest in your role with that discrete authority to make that decision.  

You may also want to make sure that it's super clear what those domains mean to both you and other members of the circle.  You may have an opportunity to gain more clarity there.