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Originally Posted by Keith Jarvis:

Howdy Folks -

Okay, so - let me divide and conquer a bit into 1) Domain Policies and 2) Legacy Policies.

Context for those who don't know us, we're a hybrid still - with our Board of Directors still operating as-was, and nearly all of our local and topic-oriented volunteer groups operating as-was.  A year ago the Board signed over operational control to our primary circle called Lead Operating Circle.  I hesitate to call it 'Anchor' because our hybrid structure makes me think our Board is 'Anchor' and in fact that's how we have it recorded in GlassFrog.


1) re: Domain Policies - in Philadelphia I heard from Brian and others, that once a Role has been granted a Domain, that the Role itself can create a Policy about its use or access by others.  That makes sense to me - say the domain is an office printer and I want to grant access to all team members to use it but I dunno, want to limit the size of print jobs or require team members to leave it in good condition when done using it., However, I do not see how to do this based on Constitution or in GlassFrog.

QUESTION:  How does a Domain 'owner' create or institute a policy granting or limiting access?


2) re: Legacy Policies / Hybrid Organization - we've been rubbing up against this one for a while now and as holder of our policy and procedure directories and content I'm really beginning to feel tension (aka, a panic tornado in my thoracic vertebrae) and am undertaking a project to create some guidelines for clarity re: operational v institutional policies, and how/when to trump legacy policies as our structure and methods evolve from tension processing.

QUESTION:  Help?  As I have reviewed Constitution re: Legacy in 5.4 I believe that all the previous content remains and is only replaced as new Governance overrides.  So... are there clean lines to what is operational and what is institutional?  I'm thinking our adoption/cede authority process may have set us up for ongoing confusion.  Help?


2a) re: all the above - um, should our "Lead Operating Circle" be the anchor?  Maybe with the Board of Directors as a separate entity that we cross-link with?  Right now the Board is the anchor and we have a Rep Link.


Lastly, I am not even remotely embarrassed that I don't / we don't yet know all the answers to the above or that I/we are exposing our ignorance or naivete.  Nope, not at all!

For your first question:

In GF if you've already delegated the domain to a role in governance the person filling that role has access when looking at that role to click the + next to the domain to add policies.  Nothing stops them from bringing the policy to governance either and as a domain of the circle the secretary can select that from the drop down in GlassFrog.

Next Question:

Some organizations create a policy clarifying that all of our current handbook are true until (insert date here) after that all policies outside of compliance and employement will after that point be found in GlassFrog.  From there remove the policies that get put into GlassFrog via governance or domain from your Handbook getting any required HR sign off. 


As for the board depending on how you've ratified your board would hold both your GCC Lead Link and a rep link, and depending on your structure may have processes like elections to determine who your GCC Lead Link would be.