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Reply to Meeting Timeboxes

By Massimo Giliberti Topic posted 09/01/2015

We are on a pretty strict production schedule. We have a new menu each week that goes up on Thursdays and has to be finished by Wednesday mid-day. We have a multi-filled role that deals with planning when each item gets made during the week. At the end of the day each day, the Expo that was on duty re-does the task list with 2 things. 1. Things that didn't get completed that day and 2. the other stuff that was planned for the next day by the planners. It's probably not fully kosher as far as Holacracy goes, but it works for us. Although, everyone in the kitchen is showing up in the Cook role unless they're the Expo. Then they're showing up in Expo/Cook. 1 Expo per shift.