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Hi @Max588,


Well this is rather coincidental (or maybe not) a discussion recently was raised around the same sort of questions as you pose, in the LinkedIn group. Here is the link



Hopefully this sting will provide some clarity.


The answer to your third question is "No", Governance process works according to Section 3.3 Governance Meetings, with agenda items being process via the IDM (Intergrative Decision Making) process. The Tactical Meeting works in accordance to Section 4.2 where the Facilitator simply processes agenda items by allowing the agenda item owner to engage others in their roles and duties as desired, until a path for resolving the tension is identified.


Both Meeting formats are time bound but in the Tactical Meeting all Agenda items must be processes, whereas in the Governance Meeting not all Agenda Items may be processed. I explain this in my LinkedIn response if you would like more information.