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Originally Posted by Stephan Jenner:

Stephan - 


I'm in love with your comments and recognition of the under-attention Article I and IV receive - how can I learn more about what you're doing?  I'm going to be a key part of our organization's bootstrapping effort.  Many of 'us' seem to think it's about running meetings, and those are important - but I need methods to get our teams and individuals to pay attention to the core responsibilities and duties.  HELP


Keith Jarvis


We run an internal Holacracy Role Filler training as part of our implementation. It focus's on Articles 1 and 4 of the constitution as I believe they are the most important to expose people filling roles to. The course is a walk through of those sections and some activities exercises as I am also a GTD trainer and coach I of course orientate it towards GTD practice as well with practical examples this I have found really focus's people on there duties and responsibilities as role fillers.


I think articles 2 and 3 are really learned via the practice and involvement of tactical and governance meetings its not about a deep understand of the rules its about learning the practice within the context of the rules just like monopoly its through playing the game and referring to the rules when a issue arises that we get the best learnings.


Just my 2 cents