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Reply to Gamifying Glassfrog

By Leanne Wong Topic posted 08/28/2015

I've been thinking about this (gamification of Holacracy) a bit and I'm thinking that this will be a key tool to help us ramp up maturity and excitement in our implementation. I don't know much about gamification and would love others with more experience chime in.  I did start to brainstorm a model that includes ways for people to build experience (XP) and earn achievements that can ultimately drive a leveling of the activity.  Here is my current list completely unrefined and grossly incomplete but it maybe it's useful:


Experience Achievements
ActivityXP NamePTSXP
Attending a tactical meeting  Attending the company's Holacracy 101 presentation  
Attending a governance meeting  Getting an account in GlassFrog  
Attending a tactical meeting as the secretary  Updating your profile for the first time  
Attending a governance meeting as the secretary  Getting added to your first role  
Facilitating a tactical meeting  Getting added to your second role  
Facilitating a governance meeting  Getting added to your fifth role  
Giving a presentation on Holacracy  Getting added to your 10th role  
Teaching a practitioner class  Getting added to your 25th role  
Contributing to the holacracy community site  Getting added to your 50th role  
Completing internal holacracy class <whatever>  Getting added to your 100th role  
   Completing the practitioner class  
   Passing the practitioner test  
   Completing the coaching class  
   Becoming a certified facilitator  
   Becoming a certified coach  
   Becoming a certified master coach  
   Getting assigned to a role in another circle  
   First tactical agenda item added and processed  
   First tension and proposal processed  
   First new role you created  
   First new accountability you created  
   First new accountability you created in a role you don't energize 
   First new circle created   
   First checklist item you added  
   First metric you added  
   First project added  
   First project completed  
   First valid object you raised and integrated  
   First invalid proposal you tested  
   Facilitate a meeting  
   Facilitated your 5th meeting  
   Facilitated your 10th meeting  
   Facilitated your 25th meeting  
   Facilitated your 50th meeting  
   Facilitated your 100th meeting  
   Secretaried your 5th meeting  
   Secretaried your 10th meeting  
   Secretaried your 25th meeting  
   Secretaried your 50th meeting  
   Secretaried your 100th meeting  
   Secretary a meeting  
   Became rep link  
   Became lead link  
   Became cross link