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Stephan is the best to answer the specific questions you have. However, unless you are a completely new start up organisation you already have these things in place. Here's what the Holacracy constitution has to say: 

"Any existing policies and systems the Organisation has in effect before adopting this Constitution continue in full force after adoption, even if they include constraints or authorities that are not reflected in Governance records. This may include compensation systems, hiring and firing processes, work-related policies, etc.

However, these legacy policies and systems will lose all weight and authority as soon as Governance is defined that replaces or contradicts them. In addition, they may not be modified or added to in their legacy form. Anyone wishing to do so must first capture or otherwise empower the policy or system using the Governance Process defined in this Constitution"

So you don't need to reinvent the wheel, instead you should mindfully test each of your existing regulations for compliance with the letter and spirit of the Holacracy Constitution, then amend and adopt through the Governance process or as part of your initial implementation.