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TL;DR - there's a good fit but be careful - use Holacracy's ability to surface tensions and Scrum's Inspect and Adapt cycle to keep in balance also keep the bigger picture in mind.


As with so much be sensitive to context. In my roles as Agile Coach and Agile Practice Lead and having been a trainer of Scrum and other agile practices, I looked at this area a number of years ago when transitioning an IT consultancy organisation to use Holacracy and become a Licensed Holacracy Provider. It was before the dawn of the Holacracy App Store concept so I never published it beyond talking about it at a couple of conferences here in NZ. 

There are very obvious connection points on how Scrum can exist very happily within the framework of Holacracy. There are also nuances where initial wrinkles could turn out to tear the fabric of your organisation. The Facilitator in Holacracy and the Scrum Master are analogous but are not the same. The Scrum Masters purview is in three parts; it is to the Development Team, The Product Owner and the Organisation. Many fail at Scrum because they only consider the Scrum Master relationship with the Development Team. Under Holacracy this means that the Scrum Master's Accountabilities (as set out in The Scrum Guide) cross beyond the specific team and out into the broader circle.


I won't go on and on as any reader who has got this far is probably bored by now. I have just tried to show that it's not always as simple as it seems. It's a bit like Sociocracy practitioners saying that Holacracy is simply Sociocracy re-skinned - it might look that way on first glance but you need to go deeper.


P.S. I always worry when I hear things like "Strict Scrum" - it's a bad smell to me until I understand what is really meant. In my past experience it has never turned out well.