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Reply to Newby questions

By Cecilia Topic posted 08/28/2015

Hi Cecilia,


Welcome to the CoP. Coaching in Holacracy is outlined here



We find coaching happens a during the tactical and governance meetings as the practice is the best learning tool with light education points during the meeting where required and then followed by debriefs etc the coaching is really around assistance in navigating the new way that power works and allowing people to understand how they make change in the organisation with this new process.


Leadership in my view moves from a management or power filler topic to a individual which I guess feels for me to be the real essence of leadership its about leading your self first so you can then authentically influence others in helping to achieve their goals but here is the rub or the reality the best way to help them is to follow the rules and allow them do fulfil their roles there way.


I think however all of these leadership and high performance team tools assist in what I think of as lubricating or improving the energy transfer from people into their roles I still teach the 5 dysfunctions of a team to Holacracy practitioners but not from a Holacracy perspective but a tribal cultural perspectives this then enhances peoples abilities to energise their roles and interact with other roles fullers in an authentic and productive way,  


A great introduction to these areas is Tom's video and post the fours spaces and may help a lot I use tis framework to help explain some of these topics you raised


check out



Hope that helps and is what your after?