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We have specific policies around serious misconduct and dismissal as per our local HR laws these spell out the process of breaching the rules and the subsequent actions/projects that are then initiated and can ultimately lead to dismissal. Our Serious misconduct policy is in alignment with Australian HR Law. This is supplemented with a staff warning policy. An Example is :


A                Why serious misconduct is so serious
If we reasonably believe that a partner is guilty of serious misconduct, then they will be dismissed without notice or pay in lieu of notice.
A                Conduct that will usually be regarded as serious misconduct
Serious misconduct includes 

*             theft or other dishonesty;

*             any act or omission for which a partner is charged with, or convicted of, a criminal offence - other than a minor road traffic offence;

*             repeated or serious acts of negligence in performing duties of employment;

*             insulting or using objectionable or offensive language to colleagues, to clients, or to other third parties;

*             serious or persistent breaches of the partners employment contract and or of the organisations Holacracy constitution and encompassing governance rules;

*             failure to obey any reasonable and lawful instruction regarding performance of the partners employment duties;

*             unauthorised absence from duty;

*             gross insubordination;

*             careless or deliberate damage to the organisations property;

*             careless or deliberate breaking of any rule or regulation - whether statutory or the organisations - which is capable of injuring or endangering anybody, or of leaving the organisation open to prosecution or censure;

*             any conduct - whether at or outside work - which in our reasonable view may jeopardise the organisations good reputation or the success of our organisation;

*             serious breach of any of our rules, regulations or procedures - for example, those relating to Holacracy, occupational health and safety, privacy, equal opportunity, or non-compliance with the requirements of any license we hold;

*             assault, fighting, harassment on any grounds;

*             misusing the organisations property or information systems, associated data, copyright, software or the telecommunications network.  This includes (but is not limited to) sending offensive or inappropriate email or accessing, downloading, viewing or distributing offensive, unsuitable, obscene or pornographic web-pages or material from the Internet - or links to any of them - or accessing pornographic telephone services.  It can also include for example  accessing social networking websites in breach of our policies and rules; making unprofessional or inappropriate comments on that site about our organisation; etc.

*             being under the influence of alcohol or drugs at work.
This list is not exhaustive.  It only sets out examples of the types of behaviour that we consider to be serious misconduct.