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Evolving Organisation has no Lead Link of our anchor circle, which is called the Purpose Circle. This circle has a Role Assignments policy which says 'In the absence of a Lead Link, assignments to roles are made through the Integrative Election Process.' The sub-circle of the Purpose Circle, called the Evolving Circle has a Lead Link. In this circle, some of the default functions of the Lead Link are starting to be distributed to other roles. You can see our Glass Frog records here


In terms of reasons for doing this, we did it to experiment with a blending of integrative election choosing a Lead Link with a Lead Link with some hierarchal functions, which are being delegated, and so far its working fine for us. The Holacracy Self-Organisation Maturity Map charts the later levels of maturity of Holacracy practice around Lead Links as:


Level 3- Enhances Practice: 'There are some constraints on Lead Link autocratic authority captured in Governance; or authorities of Lead Link are sometimes delegated to other roles."


Level 4- Evolving Practice:  'The organisation has processes that replace many Lead Link authorities with effective, distributed, peer-to-peer methods, encoded transparently in Governance'.